PaulHalasOver the years we’ve worked with countless clients. Some are kind enough to write. Here are just a few. 

– P Halas

– Original letters for the following testimonials are available upon request –

In this part of the country it is hard to get somebody to do a business valuation that will survive an attack in court; and do so at a reasonable price and within a reasonable period of time.  The work you did for us was certainly reasonable in price and in time and neither side found any reason to question its validity.

A Law Practice in Rockingham, North CarolinaR. G. Buckner, Attorney

Although ours is an industry completely unknown to 90% of the population, you were able to find and publish documentation that was relevant to our industry.  You even gleaned articles on radiation therapy in the USA and offshore.  Having an outside source to value the company will truly help us internally.

A Medical Consulting Group in San Antonio, TexasAlicia Smith, MARP Administrator  

Your professionalism, expertise and short turn around time allowed us to move forward with our negotiations with this prospective acquisition.  We found the HBVS system to be a very credible methodology for valuing businesses.  Our experience with you was very positive”

An Electrical Technology Firm in Bellingham, WashingtonD. McCarty, Mgr., Serv. Oper’s

We were impressed by the procedures which were used to gather the information needed for the “real world” valuation process.  The HBVS system produces both a professional and third party impartial valuation which is realistic, easy to justify, completed in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost.

An Electrical Contracting Firm in West Nyack, New YorkW.A. Maloney, President

Being an oilfield manufacturing company that has grown over the years, we had no idea of the “real world” value for our business. HBVS has given us the information we were looking for. I would strongly recommend your valuation service to any company.

A Large Metal Fabrication Company in Williston, North DakotaR. D. Hanson, Vice President

I talked with three business valuation firms and felt the most comfortable with your firm for three reasons. 1) you gave me valuation project options, 2) your pricing was fair and 3) you took the time to explain in detail how the HBVS appraisal process works.

A Cleaning Services Firm in Mooresville, North CarolinaJ. A. DuBois, President

I would very much like to thank you for your prompt and professional service. Your valuation result and final report was impressive and by all standards comprehensive and complete.

A CPA Firm in Alameda, CaliforniaPaul Delle Cese, CPA

We wanted a market valuation based upon not only the present but on future years as well.  This you did well and in keeping with our stringent timetable.  It goes without saying that we would readily recommend your HBVS system to anyone in need of business appraisal services.


An international cleaning products firm in South FloridaBen Shell, President

Your expertise and vast experience was unsurpassed in achieving our goal of placing a price on our company in this time of uncertainty. We would highly recommend your firm as a good indicator of fair market value.

A Custom Machining Company in Horseshoe, North CarolinaR. Ballinger, Vice President

Thank you for the thorough evaluation of our business.  Your HBVS process seems to be fair and well balanced, giving me a realist idea of my almost 20 year old jewelry business.  I enjoyed the process and our discussions regarding my business and how to make it more valuable and marketable.  It is important that I continue to build a business that will have real value to the next owner when the time comes.  Your valuation will help me continue in that effort.

A Contemporary Jewelry Studio in Gastonia, North CarolinaB. Messer, Owner/President

Thank you and your staff for the fine job you did in valuing our restaurant.  Your professionalism and promptness were most appreciated.  The detailed independent evaluation package of the corporation will certainly be a great aid in the future sale of our business.  We are all extremely pleased that your company was recommended to us for a thorough appraisal.

A Full Service Restaurant in Hilton Head, South Carolina S. E. Hancotte, President

The valuation you performed for our firm was excellent.  The valuation was for a third party firm we looking to invest in and your firm worked with both companies and delivered the appraisal in a timely manner.  The final report was thorough and informative and had many sections applicable to the industry, economy and current market conditions.  We would recommend HBVS to anyone in need of a business appraisal service.

A Large Beverage Distributor in Charlotte, North CarolinaC. Wilkinson, CFO