Small Business Valuation

One of the reasons why we enjoy working with small and mid-size businesses, in contrast to appraisals for larger firms, is that it allows us to really get to know our clients. After all, behind every business valuation is an owner who, for whatever reason, feels that it’s time to move on. This is a job that never becomes monotonous. At Halas & Associates, our valuation analysts approach each new client with forthrightness and vigor.

The valuation process is especially important to small and mid-size businesses, because there is a greater chance that the sale itself will be left to the owner. Larger corporations, on the other hand, have teams of experts to negotiate massive sales. The best advantage an owner has in the profitable sale of his or her business is a correct valuation. When it comes down to negotiation, a harder stance can be taken because the data is accurate and speaks for itself.

For more than 30 years, Halas & Associates has helped American businesses (and even a few international businesses) correctly assess their private entity. Each project begins with an exhaustive financial analysis which considers cash flow, capital depreciation, future economic implications and “real” earnings. We focus on the factual data itself, because that is what the next owner will be most concerned about.

We don’t subscribe to antiquated theories. Instead, our HBVS methodology takes a streamlined yet in-depth approach to determine comprehensive valuations of our clients’ businesses. It all begins with an informal but frank conversation about your near- and longer-term objectives. There is no obligation or charge for the call.