Business Appraisal

Every business appraisal is unique, from the product or service it offers to its outlook for the future. All businesses have life cycles, and most transform over the course of their existence. Invariably, ownership changes hands, and when that happens, business appraisal is a necessary step. The process of valuing a business is an in-depth operation. Conversely, any lack of depth on the part of the appraiser will have adverse consequences on the eventual transaction.

In the industry of business appraisal, you must hold a few principles above all else. The first is objective meticulousness. At Halas & Associates, our job as business appraisers is not to embellish our clients–nor is it to “fudge the numbers” so that one party looks better than the other. Our founder, Paul Halas, has been in this business for nearly 30 years. In that time, it has been his experience that an unbiased attention to detail is in everyone’s best interest.

Another important characteristic of business valuation is honesty. As we expect our clients to be honest with us regarding every detail of their business, so too will we uphold the principle of honesty in the accurate valuation of their enterprises. Our specialty is valuing small and mid-sized businesses, typically with one to three locations and 2 to 100 employees.

At Halas & Associates, we have developed a cost-effective approach that applies to any business appraisal or valuation, large or small. We pay close attention to obvious factors like earnings multipliers and not-so-obvious factors like discretionary profit contribution recaps. Whether you are selling your business, looking to buy, retiring, or transferring ownership to an heir, we can help. Give us a call, and we’ll have a a frank talk about your financial goals with no obligation.