Final Report of Our Business Valuation Services

HBVS Document Package

When you choose our business valuation services you will receive a comprehensive Final Report that contains our analyses, the Market Value and Profit Sources Analysis Documents, plus all the respective support, background and material resources. The Final Report to our clients demonstrates in full the systems we use for how to appraise a business.

Our mission is to provide our clients with solid facts and accurate numbers. That’s why we take the time to use a proven system like the Halas Business Valuation System. We partner with our clients in order to give them an authentic, definitive, concrete report on what their business is really worth in today’s world. In the name of efficiency, our business valuation specialists ensure that one complete report is packaged together for easy reference and referral by the client. This report typically consists of between 70 and 100 pages.

When the project is initially discussed, clients will often authorize a Base Valuation which considers their current situation (most recent year end), a 5 Year Analysis (second valuation based upon 5 years of financial input), and/or a Proforma Valuation. A Proforma considers a past or projected up-coming year of the firm as its basis for financial performance. The Proforma (a complete additional valuation) provides a “future business worth estimate” illustrating graphically how initial, interim and/or longer term financial investment(s) become manifest in the operation’s growth and related fair market value. When an HBVS Base Valuation and Proforma is used as a part of a lender’s input criteria for a given candidate business venture, it allows for a more comprehensive risk/reward funding decision.

Also, P/E Ratios are calculated on final values and noted in the accompanying cover letter. (Not P/Es in the 20s typical in post IPO scenarios, but P/Es based upon the real net profit to value relationship, and contingent bottom line investment opportunity.)

Document Package Contents:  (Key Items Only)

  • Cover Letter With Calculated P/E Ratio(s)
  • HBVS Valuation Documents
  • Industry specific market/media research
  • Full Description of Methods/Formulas
  • HBVS Verification/Justification
  • Prior Client Lists/Letters
  • “Seller’s/Buyer’s 10 Commandments”
  • Table of Capitalization Rates – P/E ratios
  • System Overview & Chronology
  • Complete Listing of Line-Item Descriptions
  • Lexicon of HBVS/Accounting Terms