Business Acquisition Service

Within the business valuation profession, at times there is great discrepancy between appraisers who routinely follow protocol and those who truly understand the vicissitudes and inner workings of businesses. How are you to tell the difference? Business appraisal is the most important first step for anyone looking to acquire a target enterprise. A close relationship is required between the present owner and the appraiser if precise valuation is to take place.

Our clients are asked a rigorous series of targeted questions, each designed to better gauge the financial prediction of the outcome. The greater the degree to which an appraiser can delve into a company’s financial background and the mind-set of its proprietor, the more accurate the valuation will be. Since Halas & Associates appraises only small and mid-size businesses, it affords us the opportunity to talk one-on-one with our clients.

Let’s now discuss the importance of independent appraisers. In the midst of various media scandals regarding accounting malpractice and/or fraud, it becomes more apparent than ever that if accounting is done by an in-house company, the accuracy as an appraiser may be biased or compromised. The same rings true for many acquisition approaches. Valuations done by business associates or friends may not represent true objectivity and/or valuation expertise.

For a truly independent business acquisition service, please call Halas & Associates. Our loyalty lies with our customers and with the fair and equitable valuation of their target businesses. If you’re looking to acquire a business, it pays to have a valuation expert who won’t mince words and who will give you the real “skinny.” I’m Paul Halas, and I insist upon nothing less for every one of our clients.