Business Valuation

What separates a quality business valuation from a run-of-the-mill appraisal? Understandably, there are many services that offer business appraisal, yet not all of them do it accurately or cost effectively. At Halas & Associates, we utilize a unique model for business valuation that places emphasis on detail, fairness, and personalization.

Business input detail is at the root of what we do. If you are looking to sell your business, you are obviously looking for the best offer possible. Incorrect valuation of your company will give you a poor parameter for an asking price and make negotiations more difficult. This is the case whether you are selling to a stranger, relative, partner, or a large parent company.

I’m Paul Halas, founder of Halas & Associates. I founded this company on the premise that correct business valuation should be unbiased, comprehensive, honest, and practical. My methods are such that I can assure an accurate valuation, with no stone left unturned. We primarily value businesses that employ 2 to 100 people, although we have on occasion worked with larger clients. Each business is unique, and each job we do is conducted individually.

Some larger appraisal firms, in the name of economical efficiency, sometimes tend to run business valuation through a “cookie-cutter” model. I believe this to be a recipe for shoddy work. When you use HBVS services, you will find an appraisal system which is committed to the proper and fair valuation of any business – which in the long run will be in your and the buyer’s best interest, if the sale of the business is your goal.