Business Valuation Planning Experts

It might seem like the most important part of selling a business is the sale itself, but business valuation is the foundation upon which the sale takes place. Hiring the right valuation planning expert will increase your understanding of your business. A correct appraisal will determine the ease with which you sell, because your price will be, in a word, “right” (and wholly defensible).

There are many reasons for hiring a business valuation planning expert to appraise your company. Obviously, you need a professional valuation if you’re putting it on the market. But valuation is also needed if you’re looking to sell your stake in a company. At Halas & Associates, we have performed scores of multiple-ownership valuations. While acrimony between partners is occasionally a factor, most transactions are done on friendly terms, and an independent valuation ensures fairness between partners, friends and/or share holders.

I’m Paul Halas, founder of Halas & Associates. Our valuation planning experts specialize in small business appraisal. If you’re selling, you want top dollar– that’s understood. At the same time, it’s not in our best interest as independent business appraisers (or your best interest) to inaccurately misrepresent or inflate the value of your business. All that would do is make your business more difficult to sell. Our clients are satisfied with the work we do because we’re thorough, dedicated, and our final results are rock solid and reliable.

In the 1980s, I developed the HBVS method for business valuation and appraisal, incorporating proven formula algorithms and weightings appropriate for small and mid-size businesses, their owned assets and germane financial performance. The system is called the Halas Business Valuation System (HBVS). The HBVS is designed to save our clients money and to streamline the complicated process for myself and our valuation planning experts. Our methods have been proven effective and are affordable for any business.