Small Business Appraisal

If you look at the available data, you’ll see that an overwhelming percentage of all American firms are considered “small businesses.”  As you can imagine, small business ownership is changing all the time. Sometimes it’s an outright exchange of ownership or a buy-out/buy-in of a minority partner, and sometimes ownership is being transferred to an heir.

Small Business Valuation Services

Regardless of the reason, business appraisal is a fundamental prerequisite of any plans for the future. Halas & Associates has for over 30 years been in the “business of business appraisal.” Our appraisal services have been enlisted by small businesses as different as Portland, Maine is from San Diego, California. It doesn’t matter what your business entails, we can provide accurate business appraisals and valuation services at any time.

Not all our clients are looking to buy or sell immediately. Some of our clients have asked us to provide an appraisal so that they can better gauge their goals for long-term growth. Our unique valuation system, developed by founder Paul Halas, is a computer-based approach that is minimally invasive to our clients but extracts maximum objectivity and real world results.

If you are looking for affordable, equitable valuation, consider the HBVS system. As part of our appraisal services, we can provide recommendations and advice based on your unique financial goals. Our clients, at the outset of their relationships with us, are often confused about business valuation and its bearing on selling price. At the end, they have a thorough understanding of both.