When is the best time to have my business appraised?

Today we live in a world often characterized by gigabytes and hyperlinks. If your newly formed business has been in continuous and successful operation for two years or more, its a good idea to have it valued. Why? Our clients tell us again and again about calls they have received from larger parent firms who are on an acquisition fast track and are interested in “them.”  And when it comes to negotiating the mechanics of the deal, if you don’t have a solid business valuation number “in your pocket” (produced by a professional valuation firm), you could be leaving tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. Remember the axiom… “its always easy to lower the price, but ever so hard to raise it.” Another “best time” to have your business valued is when it is 20 years old or older and you’re thinking of getting a business appraisal because of illness, retirement, or burnout.

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